Can you prevent a meltdown?
3D printed thealight holders!
Available for free at the Windows Marketplace
Rainbow city the city of colors!

Remote Cooldown

logoOne of my most recent projects is Remote Cooldown. It’s a 3D Puzzle game which will be playable on the PC.

The player is in control of an unmanned robot. With the robot the player needs to prevent a meltdown of the Nova nuclear power plant.

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For my minor I’ve started a student company called Incendi with 7 students. We dedicated this company to the new 3D print technology. We designed 3D printable tealight holders, the costumer could choose from different types of colors and materials. So he could order a custom made product.

Building a Game engine

I wanted to create a game in XNA. While researching what 2D game engines are available for XNA, I couldn’t find one that’s just simple.

So I’m building mine own game engine for 2D XNA games. The functions I already created are:

Collision detection
Animation from sprites
Keyboard control grouping